November 01, 2021 - "NaNoWriMo & A Brighter Future!!!"

Wow, it's been such a long time since my last post. Let's catch up!

So, do you remember in April of 2020, how I wrote about my Draguntome sequel, but then never posted another update? I want to apologize to those of you who saw it back then. I think I speak for everyone when I say that no one expected what was coming in the Spring of 2020. Covid happened, and lot's of political stuff that need not be reiterated beyond the confines of this little gray box. I think you'll agree when I say that life hasn't been easy. However, I'm eager to start the next chapter, and I think everyone would be onboard for that! :)

But first, really quickly, here are some things that've changed -

Draguntome #1 has been unpublished. It wasn't an easy call to make, but I never saw any traction gains from marketing and writing efforts related to the Draguntome series. I have made considerable progress on Book 2, but it is far from complete and, now, so is Book 1! It never really became what I hoped it would, so later I want to go back and take another look, and possibly rewrite the whole thing! We'll see what happens. 

Now, onto more exciting news! I've grown a lot since Spring 2020, and am ready to start my next project, the Penny Novels! I have joined the NaNoWriMo 2021 writing challenge to get a jump-start. Penny Novels will be released through traditional publishing. I will, of course, explore all possible avenues for publication when the time comes, however I want Penny Novels to hit the shelves at local book retailers as soon as possible.

Penny Novel #1, the 30-second blurb:

While listening to a storyteller in the street, Penny, [Short for "Penelope"], witnesses an angry mob chase someone from the crowd. Upon meeting the victim, an orphan girl who is the same age as she, Penny learns that the girl has been living on her own for months without a home. Penny must learn how she can help her new friend survive 17th century London as it becomes increasingly marred by war, famine, and plague.

Penny will meet many interesting individuals who, together, will have a profound affect on how history plays out in this new Middle-Grade, Historical-Fiction series. 

I think it'll be fun to explore some of the most impactful events in human history from the perspective of kids in a way that will help them better understand 21st century problems as it directly impacts their lives. Penny will reassure readers that we as a society have faced many challenges for thousands of years, and no matter what happens, love and hope will shine above all else.

I look forward to sharing Penny's journey with you!

-K. M. Plum | the Author

Author: kmplum

K. M. Plum, author of the Draguntome series, has a deeply layered, highly-immersive style that was developed through self-guided, organic exploration, and has received interest from highly respected literary agencies such as Penguin Press and Talcott-Notch.

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