May 01, 2016 - "The Journey Begins"

So I'm loving this process! Jumpstarting my online presence and continuing to toil away at my new series. It is still in the preparation stage, so it'll just be a little while longer before official release. Can't wait to see where this ride lets off!

-K. M. Plum


Apr 10, 2016 - "El Primo Directiva"

Hello. Welcome to my main blog for updates, launch information and curious ramblings, and fun stuff and who knows what else? Well, I do, but you won't until it happens. Sounds exciting, right? It is. It will be. Aw, forget it. Let's just roll with it!

And now, my favorite de-motivational poster of the day:

90c2ce2b2d25df6c34d497f7cc58d490 -K. M. Plum