March 09, 2017 - "It's Overahaulin' time!"

Sooo, some things are going to be changing around here. Okay, lots of things are going to be changing around here. I'm going to add written works from other authors, because, let's face it, everyone should know that I write under those names, too! And lots of other things that'll become obvious later on.

Also, it's about time I secured my URL. In the not-too-distant future, you'll be able to find this site simply by typing in kmplum DOT com. That is all.

-K. M. Plum


Dec 10, 2016 - "Closing in on the end!"

I am well over 40,000 words and getting VERY near the end of Draguntome, Book 1: Heir of the Forsaken! Currently in the process of bringing together all the pieces to solidify the final product, including the book cover! ;)

-K. M. Plum


Oct 02, 2016 - "Pushing through the seasons."

Fall is here! The book is looking better and better. It's been a challenge, but oh so worth it! Interesting new developments? Well, I might go ahead and make it a trilogy. And yes, it has that much content! This world is really taking on a life of its own, now. Our main character has just met some interesting new people, and he's about to learn what life is really like... More to come!

-K. M. Plum


Sep 02, 2016 - "So, it's bigger than I thought..."

This book is gonna be huge! Originally I was shooting for a novel around 45,000 words. It would be a great little read and you'd get a new one every month or two. 

Well, things changed.

Draguntome Book 1 is actually going to be about 60,000 words now and contain a lot more content than previously expected. The story just shouldn't be cut short!

Which means interesting things are afoot for the Draguntome series.

Now, the the bad news. That means it most likely won't be done until January. Sorry! It's going to be a great story, must make everyone who picks it up absolutely fall in love with it and it's going to be the very first one that will launch the entire Draguntome saga. That's a tall order! But it's on the way and looking good. Trust me, be patient and you shall be richly rewarded. :)

-K. M. Plum


July 19, 2016 - "Welcome to Goodreads!"

I am officially a Goodreads author now! Please swing by and check out my profile where you will find a little more information about me, what I like to read and other cool stuff you won't find anywhere else!

My Goodreads Author Profile

NEW RELEASE DATE FOR BOOK ONE! ***September 1st***

Need to gain momentum for my first book before it'll be completely ready to go! Remember what mother always said; "All good things to those who wait." :)

-K. M. Plum


July 5, 2016 - "Freedom and Future Foresight!"

Happy Independence After-Day!

I'm so excited to release my first book in the Draguntome series for everyone to enjoy.

I was able to link my Patreon page today as well! If you want to know more about it, visit my Patreon page by clicking here or on the second link under the "SUBSCRIBE NOW!" heading.

I also wanted to give an update on the first release! I decided to push it back one more month to let everything fall perfectly in place before the official release. Not much longer now.

-K. M. Plum


May 01, 2016 - "The Journey Begins"

So I'm loving this process! Jumpstarting my online presence and continuing to toil away at my new series. It is still in the preparation stage, so it'll just be a little while longer before official release. Can't wait to see where this ride lets off!

-K. M. Plum