...No, really! You're helping to make all of this possible.

Oh, and by the way... I have a special gift available for the intrepid explorer in you. I offer something invaluable, something that just may transform your journey across Ceirlan in ways you never thought possible;  

One free pass for a companion of your choice

A free copy of Draguntome: Heir Of the Forsaken has been made available, that you might entice someone to join your quest, who will then become your closest confidant regarding the "...dark and terrible secrets..." that you may encounter. Choose wisely. If you accept, click the link to enter the email address for a companion of your choice. They'll receive it immediately! This is a one-time-only chance for them to join your party, FOR FREE, as a special thanks from me.   Sincerely, K. M. Plum, THE AUTHOR P.S. Here's the link one last time. I wish you only the best for your next great adventure!   You have received this message because you recently made a purchase, joined our Readers List at kmplum.com, or signed up to become a special Draguntome Insider.
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