Dec 11, 2017 - "Christmas 2017 Insights"

So, I've been learning a lot about a lot for a long time and I've come to the realization that subpar is status quo is uncool is not Draguntome!

My latest challenge for myself has been to read through the entire first installment and viciously mark anything that needs to be changed or adapted; And I disallowed myself from even taking notes for Book 2 until the deed was done!

Well, I succeeded, and the jump in overall quality will be huge.

Now, I want to send a massive shout out to three people in particular who have provided awesome reviews for "Heir Of The Forsaken"-

Ashley - http://bookishcreature.com/

C. E. Clayton - https://www.ceclayton.com/

Daccari Buchelli - https://fantasybooks411.com/

Check out their sites, visit their GoodReads.com profiles, go right now and let them know that I sent you!

They've given some really great insights and helped sow seeds in my mind about the level of content I want to be known for. Kudos all around. :)

More to come!

-K. M. Plum

Author: kmplum

K. M. Plum, author of the Draguntome series, which is now available on every major eBook platform, specializes in YA Fantasy and Action/Adventure storytelling. His deeply layered, highly-immersive style was developed through self-guided, purely organic exploration, and has earned traditional publication interest from highly respected literary agencies such as Penguin Press and Talcott-Notch.

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