March 09, 2017 - "It's Overahaulin' time!"

Sooo, some things are going to be changing around here. Okay, lots of things are going to be changing around here. I'm going to add written works from other authors, because, let's face it, everyone should know that I write under those names, too! And lots of other things that'll become obvious later on.

Also, it's about time I secured my URL. In the not-too-distant future, you'll be able to find this site simply by typing in kmplum DOT com. That is all.

-K. M. Plum

Author: kmplum

K. M. Plum, author of the Draguntome series, has a deeply layered, highly-immersive style that was developed through self-guided, organic exploration, and has received interest from highly respected literary agencies such as Penguin Press and Talcott-Notch.

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