July 5, 2016 - "Freedom and Future Foresight!"

Happy Independence After-Day!

I'm so excited to release my first book in the Draguntome series for everyone to enjoy.

I was able to link my Patreon page today as well! If you want to know more about it, visit my Patreon page by clicking here or on the second link under the "SUBSCRIBE NOW!" heading.

I also wanted to give an update on the first release! I decided to push it back one more month to let everything fall perfectly in place before the official release. Not much longer now.

-K. M. Plum

Author: kmplum

K. M. Plum, author of the Draguntome series, has a deeply layered, highly-immersive style that was developed through self-guided, organic exploration, and has received interest from highly respected literary agencies such as Penguin Press and Talcott-Notch.

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